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Cattle data acquisition services

Weight acquisition

Automatic weight gathering while cattle are feeding

Data analysis

Bays in use vs time of day

Weight and feed vs time

  • On weight and off weight to calculate wet feed consumption
  • On time and off time to calculate consumption rate
  • Estimated feed consumption and actual feed consumption to calculate net feed intake (NFI)

  • Click here for demonstration data and login with Username test and Password password

    Marbling percentage acquisition

    Mobile phone image analysis on carcasses

    Data analysis

  • Marbling percentage
  • Marbling fineness
  • Rib eye area
  • Meat colour
  • Fat colour
  • And more

  • Auto drafting

    Auto drafter designed for remote operation

    Automatically draft cattle by
  • Weight
  • Electronic ear tag identification (EID)

  • Features
  • Weights are uploaded to server daily
  • Send draft directions to unit remotely
  • Satellite or Mobile broadband options

  • Click here for demonstration data and login with Unit id 10001